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We push our boundaries every day, we’re here to innovate and inspire a new generation of sustainable sanitation technology. PadCare isn’t a startup, it’s a revolution.

The backstory

Ajinkya, a 20-something mechanical engineering student was on a long overdue, restful weekend getaway with his college friends near the city of Pune. They were relishing in the deep, flourishingly green and fairly uncrowded woods, when suddenly and unexpectedly, they witnessed a vile image.

A bunch of used sanitary napkins hung from a Jambul tree on a cliff, blotting a picturesque view of nature as if to symbolize the pervasive and damaging consequences of modern lifestyle.

Ajinkya got the better of this alarming incident. When he came back to college, he embarked on a new journey altogether - the journey of bringing about positive and significant changes in the menstrual waste disposal system with a larger vision of safeguarding our women, our waste pickers and Mother Earth.

That’s how PadCare was born. Soon, the team grew and we became a small family of curious, ambitious, and dedicated young achievers working for something much, much bigger than us.

Mission Statement

To make modern sanitation choices safer and recyclable for women across the world and encourage inclusiveness, equality, and healthier practices in public hygiene on a global scale.

Padcare is the world

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Our Values

We do what we’re doing because we want to breathe cleaner air and sustain life on earth for generations to come.



We work towards achieving progress every second of every day. We do this through innovating in thinking and harnessing technology in the smartest way possible.



By being empathetic in an organization, we understand the pain points that people face on an everyday basis. In perceiving the problems better, we find better solutions and superior level customer satisfaction.



We understand that things take time - be it change, innovation or success. We work harder each day to imbibe quality in every process. We always strive to build products that are best in design, quality and utility.



We pride ourselves in having the resilience to keep moving forward, no matter what the circumstances or challenges. We are relentless and committed in fulfilling our promises.



We are people who aim for the remarkable and never settle for the routine. We believe in giving the best to the ones we care about, which is our people and our communities.


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Creating sustainable societies by enhancing hygiene standards.

We aim to rebuild the way people experience washrooms. PadCare is a futuristic and eco-friendly menstrual hygiene disposal solution centred around the dignity of womanhood. Become a subscriber to share our vision.


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